Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 20: Trust Your Instincts or Suffer the Consequences

Hey Fam!

Whats up? well this week was kinda bad haha good way to start a letter huh?... We had things planned out for everyday and lessons we had and all that but every single day we either get a text from the person saying that they couldnt do it. or we go to thier house and tell us they cant do it today or we go to their house and they are not there!! Its so frusterating and stupid. So we didnt really get a lot done this week. 

A TON of walking. Im used to it now. I dont get tired i just get so bored! haha so on wednesday all of our morning appointments fell through so we went to the comida and the lady that was supposed to feed us that day wasnt we called her and said she was in tampico coming back. so we waited for her. She didnt want to cook so she bought us this grill chicken from a vender on the side of the street. Yeah..didnt look to good. 

So my companion and I go back to our house with the food and bless it and stuff. Then after we said the prayer I told my companion half joking half serious. I dont think this chicken is good for my body. It probably has a parasite! haha then my comp, told me that no dont worry about it! we blessed it and we`re missionaries. Dont worry!...okay okay. so i eat it and i only ate a little bit. I dont eat that much anymore here. It because im tired of mexican food every single day and its gross most of the time. haha SO i was feeling arlight the rest of the day. 

Then the next morning on thursday...oh gosh....I woke up at 6 in morning because i almost pooped my pants!! so i ran to the bathroom and was like a firehose of brown water that came out the other end! It was terrible. Then after 10 mintues of that. I layed back down for 5 minutes then i had to go again and this time i almost died in the bathroom. It was like niagra falls. i swear. So that lasted until 12 in the afternoon. I pooped about 5 liters of water. Then i called sister jordan to tell her and she told me that i have a parasite and that i have to get my poop check and tested for one. I didnt want to do that. Then after a little bit i started getting really cold when it was pretty hot outside and then i got the biggest headache of my life. I couldn`t even think it hurt so bad. 

So we went to the labortory to get some things so i could poop in a jar so they could test it. So we did that. I had to poop into 3 small jar things...dont ask me how i did it. it was the most digusting thing i have ever done it my life by far haha.. then we went back to our house and i was dying in my bed. With a fever and a the worst headache of my life. 

But while we were at the lab they wieghed me and guess how much i wiegh now? any guesses any guess? well before my mission i wieghed about 180 pounds then in the mtc i wieghed 190 haha i ate a ton in the MTC. But now i wiegh....165 pounds! I`ve lost about 25 pounds here in mexico. It because we walk a ton and i dont really eat here. The food here is good only sometimes. gross most of the time but i eat it anyways because i need to eat something. BUt yeah that why i look so skinny than i did before! Oh also on thursday i got pretty bad homesickness because i just layed in bed thinking about everything. I miss you guys so much! thank you for your emails! like always. 

Dad i wish i could have seen will ferrell with his suit! the picture was so funny! Hows your usuana buisness coming along? Are you still lifting those wieghts! I started working out last week just push up and sit ups and work out with this elastic band that i have! Mom thats awesome that you have 2 job interviews this week! Good luck! sounded like you had a good time in utah seeing the simmons and hanging out with the christensen! I wish that you still lived in utah too. utah is pretty awesome! 

Julie how are you doing? Im sorry that you have still have to have braces! thats okay that just means that you are going to have the most perfect teeth of the family! My bite is messed up too but in mexico haha. Are you liking driving the car? whats your favorite thing about it? Michael how are you doing? I miss you man! I miss all the funny times we had together making fun of things. We are teaching this less active member that is loaded out of his mind and he says the most ridiculous things sometimes. if you were here you would make fun of the things he says haha Brandon. whats up! what are you up too! Thanks for your dear elder. I got it last week. Thanks for your advice. I dont dream in spanish yet but im starting to think in spanish and i dont even notice it until after! Its pretty cool. Hows learning german? I love you all. 

Please ask me some questions that you have for me. Because i dont know what to write about sometimes! Well till next week...

elder McNamara

p.s i dont have a parasito! haha

(From Dad, the doctor: It wouldn't be a parasite, but staph aureus bacteria that easily grows on chicken, that would cause David's symptoms.  Dehydration of that level is very serious.  Glad he is okay.)

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