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Week 30: "Count Your Blessings," Starring David McNamara

Que onda familia?

Voy a escribir esta carta en español. Espero que pueden entenderlo! jaja Esta semana pasada fue bien. Tuvimos lecciones y predicamos el evangelio a las personas aqui en soto la marina! Ayer recibimos dos mas referencias que quiza van a bautizarse. Pretty exciting! 

Okay im just kidding im not going to write the whole letter in spanish. But the first week of the new cambio has pasted and i have 7 months in la mision! Crazy. The time is going pretty fast. The days seem like they are going faster. I wake up and study then we teach one or 2 lessons then we eat and after we eat the day flies and then im laying in my bed again. Thats what it feels like to me!

The first picture is of me doing a back fliip! I was a little scared to do it on the dirt ground so i had an elder spot me! I landed it!

haha the next is of me and my companion. Yesterday it was so hot so i decided to roll up my pants and i walked around for little bit like that! So i struck a pose on the dead tree trunk 

We found this one lady named Nedi. Well actually she found us! So every tuesday there is a rodante. Which is where everyone sets up stands in the street and sell of sorts of things. So the street that everyone does it is on our street we live on! Its pretty packed full of people. So we were walking and she called us to her stand she has. And we talked with her and she wanted us to sing a hymn for her! She had count your blessings printed up and told us to sing for her. So we sang the song and set up a cita with her. That was like 4 weeks ago. 

We finally found her again this past tuesday. We talked with her and got to know her better. Her daughter is a member but doesnt go to church and Nedi was listening to the missionaries but like 10 years ago but she didnt get baptized because her husband didnt want her too. But she told us about her experience she had when she went to church. She said when she first went to church and steppped in the building she felt a strange feeling that she has never felt before. She said that she felt at peace. And when she took the sacrament she felt the same wierd feeling that she has never felt before! Then when she left she said the feeling went away and she went again the next week and felt the same feeling! 

While i was listening to that i was amazed how the spirit is so powerful at church. Us as members we get into the habbit of just going every week and sitting there then going home. But we need to pay attetion to the spirit that is there and LOOK for it. Because the spirit is only with us if we constantly look and seek for it! Because the spirit is there in ever meeting it depends on us if we want to feel it or not. That was a testimony builder for me about the power of the spirit at church! We taught her again on thursday about the restoration and it was good. And we invited her to church and pray about the message. But the sad thing is that she didnt come to church! AHH. We just have to be patience and try to help her in every way. 

Oh yeah. At our district meeting, of four elders, we took some time and we shared a spiritual experience that we have had on our missions. It was cool to hear other elders experiences. I shared my experience of when i baptized the little girl and felt the power of the preisthood through my body as i said the words. And another elder shared when he comfrimed a new convert to the church. It was the first time and he said as he said the words recieve the holy ghost he felt power, or i dont know how else to describe it, go from his hands to the persons head and that the person kinda jerked a little bit! ha cool huh! 

WEll thats what i have for you all this week! I love you all. Im going to Victoria again on wednesday. I get to get my letters that have been waiting for me in tampico. The zone leaders say that i have like 10 letters! haha im excited. And its the 4th of July this week. I will be missing out on some fireworks. Thats too bed..
Oh well. I love you all!

I forgot something! So the Branch presidents wife finally came back from texas! She was there taking care of her mom. So i met her for the first time yesterday at chruch and after church we started talking and we talked for like 15 minutes. Just her and I! She is so cool and she told me smoething that made me laugh, She asked if i was the youngest of the family and i siad no, Then then said that i have the face of the youngest one! I kinda laughed and asked her why does she think i have the face of the youngest one and she said because you just have a good looking face and that you dont do anything bad! haha It was cool.

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Elder McNamara

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okay so the first picture is me after we got water at like 6 30 in the morning. I got my hair cut last week!

Next i let one of the elder try to hit the clothe off of my head. haha

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