Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 33: Blessing the Lives of Those We Serve

Hey family. Hows everyone doing?...great? oh great me too!

well another week down in the missionary life. Im kinda ready for the transfers haha Elder R is getting lazier and doesnt want to work that much so our numbers are going down. Its pretty frusterating at times but im trying to be patience. On the up side it looks like i might be training a new missionary. Well thats what the zone leaders are telling me because the AP have been asking about me. I want to train a new missionary because i will learn a lot pretty fast! A lot about teaching and a lot of patience haha Which i need more of.

SO this week something interesting happened! We are in a trio now. The fat elder in the other area got changed out of here on special transfers so his comp. Elder Flores is now with us. He is a cool kid. He just barely turned 19 but he has been out on the mission longer than me. But before that happened i got my first opportunity to give a blessing in spanish.

A member here named Pablo, he is the one who owns this internet cafe in front of the church, was really sick and asked us to give him a blessing on thursday. So we went over and we asked him who he wants to give each part of the blessing. So he chose my comp. for the annoting of oil and me for the sealing and blessing! To be honeset i was really nervous because i didnt know what to say and even more i didnt know what to say in spanish! haha So my comp wrote on my agenda the words that i needed to say for the annoiting so i read that and then i continued with the blessing. It was cool! I didnt really think about the spanish i just waited for what i need to say. i dont know if that made any sense or not haha but it was a cool experience for me.

Then on saturday we taught this one family who hasnt been to church in so long. Its actually the brothers family of pablo. Pablos brother doesnt want anything with the church but his wife and little kids listen to us. Her kids have been coming to church with pablo for the past 3 sundays. So we went and we read Helaman 5:12 and talked about how we need to be firm in the gospel and how we can be. And if we are the tempatations and challenges that life brings will be easier to pass. They will still be way hard and seem impossible at times but if we never let the gospel of jesus christ go..everything will be okay. It was a really good lesson between the 3 of us! And guess what?...she went to church with her kids this past sunday! I was happy about it! That about all thats cool that happened.

Yeah mom about julie lexie and kelie all together it it is a wierd situation because almost always someone feels left out...that how i feel here right now in the trio haha 2 mexicans and one gringo. They just go off talking about all sorts of things. I talk with them too but they just start talking really fast and slur their spanish so sometimes its hard for me to understand fully what they are saying. haha my spanish has really improved a ton. My comp has even told me that! He said since we have been comps unitl now my spanish has gotten a whole lot better. Oh and i forgot to tell you guys that i taught sunday school 2 sundays ago! haha it went pretty well. It seemed like everyone understood me. Here in this small branch the missionaries pretty much do everything. One of the missionaries is the 2nd counsler, which is elder F, and we take turns teaching the class every sunday. We bless and pass the sacrament and we usually give talks in sacrament meeting! Pretty insane huh? 

Well thats my week for you all that read my letters.

I only got a email from you mama! only you! Im sure the rest of you are busy but i would appriciate a email even if its a short one. Thanks mom for the email.

On saturday i wanted to climb this water tower haha so we did! It was kinda scary climbing up the later and even more climbling down! But it was way cool from the top looking out at the whole marina! 

I love you all.

Elder McNamara

we all got burned pretty badly today. We were out side all day haha can you tell if im wearing a shirt or not?

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