Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 32: Elder David McNamara Prays for Nedi to Feel the Spirit

Hey family! Hows everybody doing?

I miss you all. This week was pretty good! Last monday we changed houses. After i wrote you guys we went and moved all of our stuff. The x president of the rama owns a really big construction company here so he sent a driver and a truck that has a flat bed to help us move. But guess what? It started to rain pretty hard haha so we moved all of our stuff in the rain. and we all stood on the bed making sure the stuff wouldnt fall off so we all got soaked! It was pretty fun!

So our new house is pretty tight. It has 2 floors and the bedroom is pretty big and has a high techo. and the bathroom is pretty nice for mexico. I really like our new house!

Okay first foto (above) is me with a bat in our house! We came home one night and it was flying around!! We were freaking out! haha   the next is me feeding a caballo!

This week went pretty fast and we.had some good lessions. We have taught this one lady named Nedi. She is so big and has the biggest behind i have ever seen in my life!! haha but she is nice. We taught her the first lesson like 2 weeks ago and this past week we taught her about the book of mormon. Her daughter is a member but hasnt gone to church in like 10 years or so. 

So when we went to visit with her she said that she had a dream. I dont really remember that much about what she said. But then her son told us that he had a dream when the missionaries first came over to thier house. He said he dreamed he was in a big flied of wheat following this wierd path and thinking to himself. Where the heck am i going. then all of the sudden her saw this huge tree. The biggest tree he has ever seen. And then the fruit he saw was shining white and then a bird came and started to eat the fruit and the bird started to shine really bright white! then he woke up...what does it sound like to you guys? the tree of life huh? haha i was about to pull that out and read it with him but he said the other missionaries already did that! haha 

Then we taught the lesson about the book of mormon and we finished and asked her to say the last prayer. And she didnt want to but was scared to so after 10 minutes she finally said it. And oh my gosh! It was so powerfull! You could tell she was praying with her heart and she prayed for her family and for her problems she is having right now. And she started to cry. While she was saying the prayer i was praying in my heart just asking PLease let her feel the spirit please let her feel the spirit. And she finshed and looked at us with tears in her eyes and just smiled. I couldnt stop smiling back at her. And that was honestly the first time i found myself praying and wanting so bad that someone could feel the spirit! And im pretty sure she did! It was a really cool experience for me!

me feeding the hourse again but with it in my mouth! ahha

Well nothing really else happend this week! Just being a missionary you know! SOunds like your pretty busy dad with all your speaking in different states and stuff. And mom with you working with the chinos! haha 

Well sorry this is a little short! I love you guys! 

Elder McNamara

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