Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 34: Birthdays Come Early in Mexico

Hmmmm.....I guess that Birthdays come early in Mexico!! 

We went to victoria today to have some fun with the rest of the zone. All we did was just play basketball outside for about 30 minutes then we ate some good mexican food! It was pretty decent. I got to talk with the american elders in english. Theres one elder name Elder Gregory. Which i sent a picture of us last time we went. He is so cool. I would consider him my bestfriend in the mission. We just talked about some crazy things that have happended in our mission. (Which i havent told you guys and wont until i come home..sorry!) But the sad thing is..He has 22 months in the mission. So hes going home in september. 

But i got 4 packages and a letter! A package from Katie, From the christensen family, Mama, and mama! All of you might be a little mad at me when i tell you this but im in mexico and theres no way i could wait a week looking at those packages and NOT open them. So i opened them all about 30 minutes ago...i tried but it was too tempting haha Lets just say that i have an amazing girlfriend and an amazing Mom and family! A BUNCH of candy which is always acceptable. A jump rope, A ton of pictues, letters, ties and those mesh garments....i think my comp is going to buy them from me. haha sorry mom. I might try them if i have ganas. 

Anyways. Unto some missionary buisness. After we finally arrived here back from victoria we were walking to our house (the church) and there was this one guy in front of me walking towards us and he was kinda creepyingly looking at me. So when i got closer he put his hand to shake my hand so i said to myself, why not shake his hand, and what do you know? He starts speaking to me in english and he used to live in provo and west jordan! haha how crazy is that? and he is from Columbia and has been a member for 41 years. Wierd but cool little experience.

This past week was the birthday for a recent convert. So in the morning we decided to buy her a cake and visit her. Because she is usually alone at her house and her husband is rarely there with her. We read some scriptures in the bible about difucties and problems we have in life but we need to always stay strong and have faith even when we think everything is going to fall apart or we dont understand why we need to do the things we need to do. It was a good lesson with her. She has a parret (a bird i cant spell) its pretty funny when it speaks spanish. Ill send a picture of it.

This past week we have taught a lot about repentance and forgiveness.I just want to tell you guys about one lesson we had with one of the investigators in the other area in soto. Because we are in a trio we have to preach in this whole town! But we were teaching her with her sister and a member. Her sister got baptized a few weeks ago and we are preparing her to be baptize. So we were re viewing lesson one with her about the restoration and stuff. And we were helping her with her doubts she had. And some how it turned into a testimony meeting. Her sister bore her testimony to her, then the member, and then i decided to bare my testimony to her as well. 

I told her about when i first gained my testimony when i was 15 when i went to EFY in Kirtland. We watched a video to start out the EFY week. About christ and about jose smith and the rstoration. And i felt the spriit so strong watching that, that i started to cry and decided then that i was going to pray that night and figure out if this church is true and if jose smith was a profet and if christ loved me.

I will never forget that night, NEVER! The strongest testimony to me that i have ever had. I received an answer to my prayer right away and i knew everything that i asked was true and i couldnt deny it! So i shared that with her and told her that i know for 100 percent that this church is true and i felt the spirit so strong re afirming that experiece i had when i was 15. It was the most spiritual lesson i have had her on my mission!

Im ready for the next transfer! Which is on my birthday!!! oh yeah. I will be 20 and never a teenager every again in my life...a little scary actually. I think im getting cabbin fever with my comp. You all know how that is. Just ready to get another compaion and learn from him!

Welp family. I love you all so much.

Elder McNamara ( Last email as a teenager)

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