Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 31: Me So Happy ....Love You Long Time.

What up fam?

Well i first got to give a shout out to someone. Yo brandon!! I got your dear elders letters you sent me! Thanks man i really appreciated them. I have played all the call of duties they are so sick. But halo is so much better! Thats awesome that you started school. Well back on the 20 of June or something like that. You got a 100 percent on a test? well im speaking another language everyday and the people can understand me...BOOOM!!! haha i want to here your boom you got. Thanks again for the letters man, it made me feel a little piece of home here in mexico! Love you brandon! 

So as you can see i got letters from when we went to Victoria! We left on thursday night and stayed until friday night. I got 12 letters!!! I was so excited. I got 8 from the most amazing girl ever:) and 3 from brandon and 1 form Wendi. It definately made my week!

Well this week was pretty decent. Not a lot happened to be honest. So im going to catch all you guys up on some stuff! I forgot to tell you all that on my second day here in soto la marina guess what we ate?....We had shrimp. Oh my gosh i about threw up! She served about a pound on everybody's plate. I have no idea how i finished it. Everyone finished and i was still there trying to eat the rest. About after 10 miuntes after everyone finished i managed to eat it all. 

First time i ate sea food on the mission. it was funny because the night before elder rojas and i were getting to know each other and he asked me what kind of food do i not like and i told him all kind of sea food. And he told me that the whole time he has been here they havent had sea food. And the next day we had shrimp! haha I felt sick all that day back on May 14! Then 2 weeks ago we had sea food again! but i kinda liked was breaded fish. I used a lot of Limon so that help the nasty fish taste! I actually had seconds that day so i think im started to like fish...a little bit! 

So this week when we went to victoria on thursday night we got there at like 9 because its 3 hours away from our little town. so we stayed with 2 other elders. One american and one from Peru! The american he name is Elder Cardinal. Hes from Bountiful Utah. Well pretty much all the americans are from utah! haha He graduated the same year with me but didnt leave until January. He is pretty cool. And the peruvian? he is funny and nice guy. But they didnt have extra beds at their house so the elder from peru pulled his matress off the frame and told me i could sleep...on the frame! haha it was probably the most uncomfortable i have ever slept in my entire life!! Im not even exactrerating ( i cant spell i know) 

Then we had the zone conference. It was good we talked about how we can and serve with all our hearts, might, mind, and strength. Then we had president Jordan talks to us. He talked about repentance for about an hour. It was pretty intense. Im pretty sure every elder there was questioning themselves. It was good though! Then after i got all my awesome letters. We went to say bye to pres. Jordan. And i shoke his hand and he said to me.. Elder McNamara, You seem happy all the time, Why are you so happy?.. So i told him. I dont know, im sorry. and i put my hand over my face and made a sad face and moved my hand and said is that better? haha he laughed. But that was nice of him to say that. I really needed someone to say that to me because i feel pretty lonely here in a small town in the middle of nowhere! Dont worry though! Im all good.

Then we went to little ceasars and then we went to the bus station to wait for our bus. So i had to go to the bathroom so bad so i tell my comp. and he tells me it cost money, 4 pesos! So i pay it and go in and oh my gosh....the most disgusting bathroom i have ever seen. Which didnt bother me that much. But until i see the toliets..because i had to go poop. First of all..none of the toliets didnt have toliets seats and second of all. No toliet paper! There wasnt even a place to have toliet paper. They dont put paper in the public bathrooms! So i left and jokingly complained to my mexican comps! haha they all just laughed. 

So today we packed up all of our stuff and our house because we are moving to another, better house! We are moving our stuff later today! Well thats all i got for you all this week!

I love you all :)
Elder David McNamara

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And, Katie is back home, enjoying Independence Holiday with her family at the lake. 

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